Ben Kitzmiller

I dont know what draws me to the wilderness. As a kid I was always in the woods building forts and pretending there was some sort of enemy invasion! Even now I find myself fantasizing about end time scenarios, where people are forced back to there survival tactics. How would I fair in a world where nothing was given to you and your only worry was pure survival. What better way to challenge your own self worth. However it’s not the end times and I am stuck in a societal world where money is king. I was raise in this societal world and have become very dependent on its luxuries, however I don’t need this things and want to learn to live with out them. I would like to challenge myself in the purist way. Not by accomplishing societal goals but by accomplishing incredible feats of humanities greatness; experiencing life and the earth. With my college career rapidly coming to an end now is the best time to start This new chapter in my life. This project is an expression of my personal growth through this transitional period.