Erica Christmas

Y.A.B. (You Are Boring)

Current Artist Statement, 2013

Growing up, I always wanted an older sister; someone to help me with my hair and tell me that everything was going to eventually be ok. As a teenager, I felt like I was too mature for my actual age, as if I were 16 going on 25 or something along those lines. Now that I’m approaching 23, I feel a role reversal; as if I’ve never left being 16 or 17. This shift in consciousness within myself, sparked me to create work under the title “You Are Boring.” The title suggests what this work is ultimately about; breaking down experiences that have been passed down to me via words, stories, the internet or what I have experienced myself. Looking at both sexual and platonic relationships that I’ve created both recently and in the past, specifically with men around my age, I’m often left wondering, hurt, or bored with what has come out of it.


I’ve become interested in this sexual cycle that affects a young woman from the age of 16-25; this repetition that is at once exciting, intimate, hurtful, laborious and can sometimes become even ‘boring’. When I look at my various melodramas that I’ve managed to acrue over the years; they are actually quite vacuous. How do my trivial relationships issues with boys, my lack of financial stability, and general well-being stack up with what are considered to be relatively ‘serious’ issues within society? While I find my life foibles to be generally humorous and light, I still believe that these issues belong somewhere within some sort of dialogue.


You are Boring, or Y.A.B. to put it shortly, is an attempt to humor these ideas and interests several young women around my age face, while adding a layer of artifice to these questions as well. My odd obsession with teenage girl culture or I guess I should say youth culture (since it is one) has been the jumping point in making the work that I am currently making. In addition to reflecting on what exactly is ‘teenage-girl-young adult woman-land’ I’m also very interested in the connection with female body specifically. And how with this body there is a unique sense of sadness automatically within it. Our bodies give us a point of reference to work off of in terms of relating to each other; and while I don’t have many close female friends, I feel as if we’re all on the same wavelength, going through the same things right now.


I view Y.A.B. to be a play in 4 parts almost, first starting off with basic videos, then evolving into improvised audio and currently is a mix of both traditional – looking portraiture (what I’d like to call generational-portraits, or Gen-Id’s) audio, and personal writings.


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