Juan Madrid

Loneliness is something I’ve grown with and into. There’s a weight that comes with it, one that gets heavier at the worst possible times. At a certain point, it becomes something you live with, though never forget.

As a man in modern society, it’s expected that you put on a tough face and not talk about your emotions. If you feel sad or depressed, you should just bottle it up. By exploring what loneliness means from a male perspective, I hope to gain understanding of my own relationship with loneliness as well as providing others with a different viewpoint.

Loneliness is more than a romantic notion; it’s also an intellectual and psychological battlefield. It’s much different than being alone; that’s a more tangible feeling. Being lonely eventually leads to disillusionment; the mental toll is just too much.

At some point you accept the loneliness as being a vital part of yourself.
Something you don’t want but can’t seem to get rid of.